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HTRM 76 Book Launch

[00:00:00] Welcome to the how to raise money podcast for anyone who wants to raise other people's money for a business or property venture. Right now, there has never been more money on the planet, and there has never been more opportunity. This podcast will help you put the two together. So if you need money for your business or property proposals from banks, lenders, angels, whales, or dragons, this is the podcast for you.

Hi, everyone. This is the how to raise money podcast. And I am Ray McLennan. He's with me as well. Nigel T Best Ray, how are you doing my good man. Good. Very good. It's great. To be able to back and start doing this weekly, know that you're in the land of fast supervise wifi. What is your, what's your mega speed this week?

Nigel. All right. Hey, it's off the charts. It's off the charts. You know, like if you've seen the countdown timer, the hand where it comes [00:01:00] down, a light up the other way, mind's going the other way. He's awesome. He's awesome. I am so pleased and I cannot believe how easy. It makes zoom calls, WhatsApp calls, video calls, conference calls, because people can hear you.

Yeah. People can hear you and you can hear them and you can have almost a real time conversation. So, yeah, it's fantastic. And it's great to be here with you again today, right? So what have we got? What are we talking about today? Um, what we're going to talk about today, we're going to talk about it's exciting.

Perfect. The fact, actually, I must, I must quote, I'm going to call Peter Cook, you know, Peter Cook. Yeah. Derek, hang on

listeners for listeners that don't know Derek and Clive. To some YouTube and Googling [00:02:00] hilarious, but probably, uh, not, not good for, um, you know, uh, family podcasts such as this. Well, he w he was a satirical guy and he was very funny and he, uh, I think he was also the original founder member of private eye, something like that.

Anyway, Peter Cook was once chatting to someone at a party and, and Peter Cook said, so what do you do? And the guy said, Oh, I'm writing a book. And Peter Cook said, Oh, neither am I.

Oh, that's so true. Isn't it? It's so true. Well, the news is the news is the book. So the book, Oh, to deed. When I was going to say re sometimes when you look at people and you see them sitting uncomfortably and they're always fidgeting and, and they, they can't relax. It's always because. Everyone has a book in them and it sometimes can hurt.

Uh, but we're going to deliver next [00:03:00] year. Aren't we deliver now?

I had, uh, did a Facebook, um, poll, but this was a year, a couple of years ago. I did a Facebook poll because, uh, the book was going to be called how to raise angel investment for your property deals. Yes. And this was a cover like that. And then there was another cover like that. Notice who is that? Swab gentlemen?

No, it's habits. It's pictures of me on the front, you know? Yeah. So yeah, I was going to say that, but those pictures, that must be a good 20 years old. Oh, wow. Are listening to the podcast. I'm showing some books, which you will be able to see on the YouTube channel. Um, and the one that was chosen out of, I think there were four or five, uh, was this one.

So it's because it's got a building, it looks like a building in the [00:04:00] background with an arrow pointing up. And I think that's what secured that. So, um, so that, that's the sort of history of the book, but, um, Those of you that know the podcast logo, the book cover will basically be turned out to be the same as the podcast logo.

So instead of how to raise money podcast, it'll say how to raise money. The book written written by Ray McLennan T best some contributions. Yeah, the old word by Nigel D best. I was going to say what we've done is we've split it up. So you're taking the complicated words and I'm chipping in with the, and if, but how and those sort of things.

Yeah, there you go incorrectly. So, um, yeah. So the w we've come up with, well, a number of reasons why there is a book going to be done. And I suppose we always talk about the crest model. Don't [00:05:00] we. Hey, Hey, come on crest. Come on. Sponsor. Sponsor us. Come on. You must have heard of us by now. Surely the crest model number one, the C for crest is credibility.

Credibility. So, uh, credibility. Yeah. It gives you an element of credibility. Yeah. I was going to say Ray, these things that we're talking about with, uh, the reasons why we're going for, for the book. Um, they apply to everyone. So don't think of it as kind of listening to us as to our reasons, these aren't general reasons that cover all people for all books, whether you're writing kids, books, books about your, your life, whatever it is, these apply to you.

That's it. So credibility, the first one, um, is a good reason to want to write a book, to get things down, to get it out of your head, get it down on paper so you can challenged on it. You know, I'm, I'm just holding up and kind of my journal [00:06:00] book. Uh, but you know, when, when someone holds up something physical, a book and says I've written this, and this has been published and the, and I did it, or we did it, there is an instant, um, Credibility about it.

You know, the, the fact that you've gone through it and you've done this and it's been published and put out there, this is still quite a big status that credibility, the fact that you've put pen to paper and, and you've created something like that. So don't underestimate it. Don't underestimate it when you see if you're talking to someone and they say, Oh yeah.

And I've, I've got some books, you know, published all through. Uh, have you read my book? People always do sort of take a slightly different. Oh, really? Huh. That's interesting approach to you. So number one, credibility important. Important. Yeah. Well, I think we should have put in as well. It has the third factor.

Um, I was, you know, well, when you [00:07:00] see your kids, you mean. And they don't get it. Uh, an article that it was watching the other day and they were talking about books and books, sales. And of course, Christmas time is a time when everybody's launching a book, you know, the right Christmas, they're good gifts to give away that sort of thing.

And they said, you know, do you remember a few years back when they said that that was going to be the end of books because, uh, Kindles were going to take over. And you load a load of your books on Kindle and you'll be watching it. And then there was a sort of massive swing towards Kindles. And then there was a massive, massive swing all the way back to books again, because people just like that physical feel.

Um, plus that is the old joke of course, that, uh, I had 250 books. I loaded them all onto my Kindle, but I couldn't pick the thing up.

He's here all week folks in here all week. Dad joke. Number one out of the way. Should we move on to number two? Move on to number two. Well, yeah, who's on a similar, similar kudos. How do you spell kudos? [00:08:00] Uh, how's it with a K have you spell kudos? Yeah. T U D U S. Uh, not to be confused with an antelope. That is actually, uh, uh, what is kudos?

The definition of kudos? Well, it's, it's, I suppose it's credibility by a different, different name, a different, it gives you that, uh, positioning it sort of positions you doesn't it. So number two, number two, kudos. So those, you know, they, they are important. Um, number three, we'll, we'll keep this, uh, quite short and brief, uh, today's episode, but number mind you having said that we never keep them short and brief though.

We always run belong. Um, so I do apologize in advance for that, but number three, I like this one. You know, if you, if you you're at some sort of event and you whip out your book, somehow you have an element of. Authority. Uh, I don't know what other people [00:09:00] think, but people think when you, you know, it almost implies expert status and authority on the subject steady.

Let's not get carried away, but yeah, I know what you mean. Yeah. I was going to say, no, I don't necessarily mean for our book, but for the people who really know what they're talking about. All right. Number four, then it gives you an opportunity, a chance, not, not that you're not getting it through these podcasts, but it gives you another opportunity to get to know us, get to know a bit more about us, what we do, what happens on a regular basis behind the scenes?

Uh, you know, the machinery of it because it's not just, and I sitting here that are, um, people in the background that we work with, who, who helped people to raise the money. So. Talks about the, the machinations of that, the various ways in which you can get the money, the various places, locations, contact details.

They'll be all sorts of things in there about, uh, about that. And just generally helping you to get to know us a bit more. Yeah. And, um, [00:10:00] if, if anyone that knows Ray, you know, you know, is an anecdote machine, uh, and a storyteller. So there'll probably be, uh, we, you know, we're trying to edit this down from, uh, you know, about a 12,000 page book down to something more manageable.

So we're having to cut a lot of race stories out, but, but sometimes those stories that probably don't make it to the podcast or any other place. You put some of those in, then people sort of go, Oh, okay. I, I kind of get where you're coming from or why you are the person that you are. And I think sometimes they can be as revealing as the tips or tactics and techniques that you need to raise money.

And when I say, you know, it's a, it's a way to get to know us. It's, it's something that if you don't see it as live, um, you know, presenting or anything like that, you might not. Kind of know the person and you look all these things on TV or anyone in the media. We always want to know, you know, w what are they like in real life?

[00:11:00] Uh, and so there'll be, there'll be a little bit of that in there as well. I'm just thinking actually, um, a lot of the books that if you think about the books that have been, um, spectacular in terms of sales and longevity, they tend to be books that tell a story. So if you think about the, you know, um, what it means, the Bible.

You know, you think about the Bible. Can I just start making comparison? See, I was thinking so. No, no, but I mean, I'm not, I'm, I'm not saying, you know, that we've got 2000 years of sales ahead of us, uh, or anything like that. But, um, they are stories, stories. If you remember a story and you can repeat the stories, the rich dad, poor dad is effectively a story.

You know, Robert Kiyosaki has lived off that story for 25 years. It's the same story. Um, but that's what it is. It's the story. The E-Myth by Michael Gerber is a book that is done spectacularly well, but it's also, it's got. [00:12:00] You know, your checklists, your content, but then it's got stories as well. It tells the story of a shopkeeper.

It tells the story of a businessman and takes you through their process, tells you the story of a hotel keeper, um, and how it all pulls together. So, uh, yeah, uh, the richest man in Babylon, which is another great book, but, um, money and wealth is also a story of parables and stories. There they are. What sell, um, they sell entail.

Uh, so I think, uh, I mean, I sit here as someone who's been given awards for story storytelling, whether that's good or bad, um, opinion. I mean, the irony is, you know, telling a story about the fact that you won an award for telling stories. I just love this. This is like inception the movie, isn't it. You know, we, it going down, I can feel it.

I can feel it. I need my little spinny thing to see whether I'm awake or am I been raised dream? I don't know folks. I don't know. [00:13:00] I'm just thinking we should probably, uh, you know, the chapters are laid out, which you probably intersperse them with a content chapter, a story chapter, a content chapter, a story chapter, a checklist chapter.

We should probably do it that way. It'll be fun when we're also, we're going to do the audio version and, uh, yeah, we're never going to stick to that hallway. We never going to read out. What's what we've actually written. The book will do spiral off the audio version could last days, 60,000 words, the audible version would probably be 650 if you were to transcribe it.

Yeah. And the last 40,000, there'll be the second two thirds of the book because we suddenly realized why we were there. Yeah. It could well be that, but that, I think that leads on to number five, which is. Ego. I think some, sometimes you want to do these things. You want to do the book because he makes you feel, Hey, [00:14:00] I've achieved something.

Um, you know, this is great. Um, and, and tied in with that. Is the fact that, uh, you know, w we'll do is number seven, but it it's the fact that people kind of massage that ego by kind of asking you about it. So it's, I don't know about you, Ray, but I mean, uh, I think there's something about. Um, if you've got something physical that you have actually created or made, there's a bit of personal pride in that isn't there, there's something there that, that makes you feel good.

So whether it's good, bad, or indifferent. You still feel pretty good about yourself. And I think that's great for mental health gone into something like that. There's a lot of time, a lot of experience, a lot of effort. There's a lot of knowledge in there. Um, and, uh, you know, that's something that's worth passing on.

That's something worth, you know, getting, getting down on paper. Um, yeah, there's kind of over a hundred years experience. You know, two thirds [00:15:00] yours, one third. Mine. Yeah.

Uh, number six, number six is, uh, uh, Nigel talk more about this, but number six is really that it leads into a sales funnel. Now, you know, what is a sales funnel while you're here? Imagine the shape of a funnel. Something goes in at the top. Lots goes in at the top and little comes out of the bottom. Um, but.

Sales funneling is about saying, well, okay. You know, we've got a lot more to offer than just, you know, uh, a witty, informative educational podcast, uh, and, uh, putting things down on paper. There are other things in there. So we have, I have a, um, a whole series of, of, uh, Opportunity a whole series of things to discover a whole series of, you know, that, that our people approach me all the time about wanting to learn about pitching.

They want to learn about how to put a proposal together. They want the templates for a proposal on paper. They want to know how to do one in video. All of these things we've recorded. [00:16:00] Um, we've, you know, there's a lot of content in there that people want to have access to, including, uh, and not restricted to working with Nigel.

And I, uh, not just, you know, raising the money because we have a system for that where we can, we can help, but, uh, it brings people in it's it's also something we've been asked for quite a lot. So Nigel, you might want to describe a bit more about what you've been up to because you've been pulling together some, um, Yeah, the website.

I mean, it's one of these things getting to know someone often determines whether you want to work with someone or not, or one, or what do you want to find out more about someone or not? And I know Ray. Y'all forever being stopped and saying, right. Uh, I've got this thing and I'd like some money for it. Um, and you've got to say, well, hang on, hang it.

You've got to go through a process of triage. You're filtering. Are you in the right position? Are you, do you have [00:17:00] all your ducks in a row? Have you got everything lined up? Have you gone through a process? And it is similar to, to, this is. You know, start off here, listen to a few episodes of the podcast and then maybe pick up some of the guides that we've done.

Some of the things that you can create, um, you know, a little bit more of a package that you could pitch to someone that gives you a better chance of success, you know, go through these step lists, uh, steps, these checklists, it will help because there's nothing worse than going in. Under-prepared for someone because.

You know, you're never gonna raise the money doing that, but then there's also the other side of things, which, um, you know, I I'm fascinated with, which is helping people start or grow a business. And at the moment, you know, this pandemic has just taken everything online and turbocharged that. So even your grannies and your granddads are using zoom and [00:18:00] they they've got hold of tech and they're understanding it.

And if you've got a business and you're thinking to yourself, or I'd love to have a business, and I want to raise some money with a side business by doing something, you know, that I think would be fantastic then. Yeah. We're doing stuff there as well, which is helping people create the resources. So when there'll be links in the show notes, So, if you're interested in the book, you know, and you like the process of how it takes you through as talking about the book, do you saying, Hey, I'm interested to us then keeping in touch to you, then being able to get the book and your thinking.

I'd like to do that for my book. Well, there's ways that we can show you how to do so online business, um, and, and training and stuff. It's all linked with how you present yourself, the crest model, your own business, raising finance, being in the best position to do it because we've all seen those pictures, that dragons then [00:19:00] where they are totally unprepared for any question whatsoever.

Like what's your name? And you see them crumble in front of you. Um, What's your product and they forget the name of it. Uh, how old are you? And they start melting and we want to just sort of say, right. Okay, look, these, this is. What's going to happen and he's like getting you exam ready. Isn't it prepping you for things.

And, um, yeah, there's loads. There's going to be loads and 2021, we finally realized this year, now that I'm cooking on gas with fiber and I can do stuff with you, Ray again, rather than the yogurt pot in that a hundred mile piece of string, um, you know, we're going to be bringing it to you because. What we've realized during lockdown is people are saying, Hey, look, could you just give us a bit of help?

Could you, could you just show me a few things, a few, a few things that would help. And that's what we want to do. We want to help you raise your money, but once you've [00:20:00] got that, be savvy with that money, be business ready with that money. Give you the best chance of success or help you help you. Oh, the chances of success because nothing's guaranteed, but you know, that's what we want to do.

So that's what we're bringing to them. That which leads on to number seven, which is because Ray. Yeah, well, we have been constantly asked for it. Um, I have a massive list of names of people who said me. That was the book when the book is coming out, put me down for a copy of the book. So, uh, but I was, I was going to say, you know, so if anyone's going to say, well, we're not happy about this at all.

Well, you asked for it. You are, you've been asking for it. So we're going to give you it

we'll be in the sales when it all starts to come through. Um, we're, uh, massively updating it. We are updating chapters for the, you know, [00:21:00] post pandemic. Um, there's been a number of changes in regulations, regulatory bodies. The FCA, et cetera, and what can and cannot be done. And so on like that. So we've had to update that I've got a lawyer that's written a chapter on that, and that will all be in there.

So yeah, you asked for it. So it's coming back. Here's the exciting thing, Ray, isn't it, because we've had a bit of a rejig as the pandemic has hit and we've had to kind of tweak things. We have got an opportunity for people. So if you are interested in the book. Uh, I'll put the link in the show notes, uh, and you can register for that, but you're going to get, uh, an email saying thank you very much, but it's also going to invite you.

If you have got a specific thing that you want to talk about or you think would be interesting if, if we could explain it or share more, um, and that hasn't yet featured in the book. And so we've got time to squeeze that in. [00:22:00] If that is you and you do that, we will acknowledge you your question, your thoughts, your, the topic, and, uh, you could find yourself in print in the book.

That was a contributor. How about that? Yes, indeed. We have, well, there is a frequently asked questions section. So, uh, that doesn't mean you, you know, you asked the same question, someone else already asked you not going to be named or anything like that. No, absolutely. Get in there, put your, put your details and contact us.

Uh, let us know that you're up for getting a copy of the book. We will, once we have. Uh, nominated the launch date. There's going to be some bonuses on offer as well. So not just a question of buying the book, which will be, you know, minuscule amounts of money compared to the value that you will get from it.

There will be also some bonuses as well. Um, so if you're interested in that also get onto the line, email us and tell us the kind of bonuses that you would like to see. So for example, we have, um, [00:23:00] doing a financial appraisal on a, on a, on a business or a property. We have, uh, templates for pitching templates for pulling together a PowerPoint presentation, how to.

Do a pitch in video and how long it should be, what you should include in it, how you should start that video off how you should finish it off and, um, between between now and then, in fact, on the next podcast, we have a chap who's raised 20 odd million, um, pitching. We had, uh, last week we had Craig who, who had a bit of a panic and raised a lot of money in a very short space of time.

Uh, there are some other bread and butter style deals that are going to be mentioned in there and how they smoothly went from start to finish. But then there's also the pitfalls, uh, things to avoid, et cetera. So. Pop it in get, go to the link, email us and say what kind of, uh, bonuses you would like to see.

And I think it should also could include [00:24:00] a one-to-one time with myself and Nigel as a bonus. We'll look at that as well, depending on the number of people that want to do it, um, pulling together, you know, here we are on recording on zoom. Um, we can easily pull a couple of, uh, zoom sessions together, that sort of thing.

Yeah, I was going to say, I mean, um, it sounds like Ray's already bonusing away the rest of our lives in helping everyone there. So I'm going to jump in before you promise me, driving you to, uh, to the pub or something when they open. Uh, but no, it it's one of these things, folks, um, It's all good and well, listening to us on the podcast.

But what we really want to do is translate that into helping you get going and making these. You know, a lot of people dream about things for a long time. And then when they get towards the end of their life, they always interview [00:25:00] people of a certain age and they always say, I wish I'd given it a go, what we want to do with this and the book and bonuses and any training or anything like that is to help you, you know, hold your hand.

And get you going, um, and reduce the risks, make you aware of everything that you kind of potentially, um, you know, going to face all the challenges so that you have the best chance of success. And when you get to the end of your life, you reflect and you go, wow, I'm so glad I did it because sometimes going out there and trying to raise money, if you don't do it in the right way, you'll never raise it.

Or if you, by chance, do. You leave yourself extremely, extremely vulnerable to maybe not being able to repay that money and leaving yourself in the do-do. And that's not what we want. So we want to take people from, you know, interested listener to cautious, you know, starter beginner, to more experienced person, to [00:26:00] someone that then can cascade that information out to other people.

So bit like dropping the pebble in the pond. You know, maybe we drop the pebble in there and those ripples, you know, have a beneficial effect on a lot of people. And that's what we're going for now, geographically. I should also say that it's this is not, um, we happen to be based in the United Kingdom, but I have taken a one-to-one calls from people in America.

From people in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, uh, English speaking nations, South Africa, in fact as well. Um, and some non-English speaking nations, but English speaking, people there like Korea and Japan, for example. So the, the principles behind raising money are not restricted. You know, that there are certain rules and regulations that differ across each particular, uh, geographical sector, but at a very, um, useful conversation with a guy with a trucking company in America, and he was looking to expand to get more vehicles.

You know, he had, he had [00:27:00] hundreds as it was, it was, um, but he was a bit stuck on a couple of things and I pointed him in the right direction and he gave us a wonderful testimonial. So, you know, there you go. That's, uh, there's no restriction on this. So if you're listening to this and you are in, um, you know, you're not in the UK, don't be thinking that it doesn't apply to you.

Cause it most certainly does. It does. If you're raising money, whoever's lending you the money. They're going to ask the same questions, whatever language is, is what, what's my security and how are you going to repay it? You know, they're the fundamentals. And so we're going to help you with that. Um, but yeah, you know, anyone thinking of writing a book.

Generally it's, it's twofold. The kind of the ego thing of, I just want to be able to say I've written a book, but a lot of people it's kind of, well, I want to write a book because I want to help people. I want people to take the next step. I want people to learn from our experience. And I think one of the greatest gifts you can give [00:28:00] is sharing your experiences to help the next generation.

Um, as I always tell my kids, when they're doing history, I say, well, history must be a lot harder for you because there's an extra 30 years or more of it that you've got to learn. I didn't have to, you know, so I always say, you know, it must be getting harder history because there's a lot more. Yeah, exactly.

Okay. Well, I think we've milked this particular episode to the, to the end, the gist is there's going to be a book and we'll tell you about it. We will give more details, uh, on a, on a launch date. And once we've analyzed the feedback that we get in from the link that you will get in the show notes, uh, on the podcast show notes.

If you're watching this on YouTube, it will be there as well. Uh, but the links in the show that Nigel put all of that there. So you can get in touch with us easily and, uh, quickly. Good. All right. Perfect. Perfect. Great. I've enjoyed it. Thank you very much. And we'll speak again soon. [00:29:00] Well, we have another, we're doing one tomorrow morning.

Nigel. We're recording another session tomorrow morning. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. You're with wifi, right? Well on that bombshell. Uh, thanks for listening. I've been Ray McLennan. I'm still Nigel T Best. Thank you very much. Bye-bye see you soon. Bye. Bye. Thank you for listening to the how to raise money podcast. It's made for people who want to raise money as debt or investment equity for their business or property proposal or empire.

The website has all the useful links and underlying research, and you can get downloads of the checklist and other useful information. See you next time, where we can show you how to raise money. There is abundance. There is money enough for everyone on the planet. The question is who has yours?